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AD9152 is not working on the mode 7

I need your help about the following.

I configure the AD9152 on my borad with the mode 7,and the sample clock is 200MHz, then i read the registers, the 0X470 is 0X01, the 0X471 is 0X01,0X472 is the 0X01,and the sync sinal is high,and the LANE fifo status is good with not empty and not full. But the DAC have not any output.

Then I read the other registers the DAC is pull up,the DAC serdes PLL is lock,the S register and the L and the F and the K registers is right ,but the 0X406 and the 0X407 and the 0X408 registers whitch represent the M and the N and the NP is 0x00 that is wrong.

I let the 0X125 is 0x01,and let the 0X12C is 0X00 ,so that to power down the PDP .

But I never can see the signal come from the DAC.

Can you heple me to tell me the DAC whether is support MODE 7 in 200MHz sample clock without interplore(the 0X110 is 0X00 and 0X112 is 0X00).