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Programming and Controlling ADS7-V2 with AD9164 Daughter Card with MATLA


I have downloaded DPG Downloader Version and ACE Version 1.23.3085.1388.

The ADS7-V2 is Rev D and the 9164 eval board is also Rev D.

I am trying to control the output using MATLAB with the instructions found here:

However, I am running into an the following AD9162Setup.m:

Unable to resolve the name AnalogDevices.DPG.Interfaces.SubclassMode.Subclass1

jesd204Core.Tx.Subclass = AnalogDevices.DPG.Interfaces.SubclassMode.Subclass1;

I am not really sure where to proceed from here.

  • Hi,

    It looks like the script would need updated for the latest version of DPG Downloader ( You can inspect the DPG Interfaces DLL with an object browser to relocate relevant classes.

    The particular item can be fixed with:

    I suspect you'll run into more issues, unfortunately.

  • Hello,

    I also encountered the same issue. The only difference is I'm using an AD9174 board but I assume there won't be much difference. As you suggested, I replaced 'AnalogDevices.DPG.Interfaces.SubclassMode.Subclass1' with 'AnalogDevice.DPG.Interfaces.JESD204CoreInterface.SubclassMode.Subclass1' in the sample script, but it still showed 'unable to resove the name'. Do you have any idea of it? Did I do it in the wrong way?