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AD 9106 Datasheet revision og EOL?


this question might not be suitable for EZ, but hopefully someone out there can still give me a clue...

Essentially there has been talk of an updated datasheet for the AD9106 (rev. b) and since the current datasheet is lacking in a few areas, I was hoping someone could either give an estimated time of "rev. b" release or upload a draft of if(?)

Also, I wasn't able to find the AD9106 in Analog Devices' parametric search (this might be due to my technological impairment) which made me wonder if there is an expected End Of Life date for the IC?

(And just in case; any possible substitutes/replacements on the drawing board?)

... Oh, and finally a technical question: I cannot seem to adjust DAC output level using the "Analog gain"-registers. Are these only used for calibration?


David Larsen.