AD9773 : default values of register


I have a question about AD9773 from our customer.
He is asking us the default values about all registers.
The registers are being described in P.18 to 21 of the datasheet (Rev.D).
Default values are indicated in some registers, but there are also registers in which defaults are not indicated.

Could you indicate the default value of following register ?

Address    Bit
  02h     [7:6]
  03h     [1:0]
  04f     [2:1]
  05h     [7:0]
  06h     [3:0]
  07h     [7:0]
  08f     [1:0]
  09h     [7:0]

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  • Hello ,

    I'm sorry, I made typing mistake.

    I modified it to make correct.

    Address    Bit
      02h      [7:6]
      03h      [1:0]
      04h      [2:1]
      05h      [7:0]
      06h      [3:0]
      07h      [7:0]
      08h      [1:0]
      09h      [7:0]

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