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AD9144 EBZ & AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ - ADT2-1T RF Transformer

Hello, Since AD9144 works at 2.8GSPS and is able to generate RF frequencies up to nyquist, it means that RF can reach 1.4 GHZ. 

I see that the AD9144 EBZ and the AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ have the ADT2-1T RF transformer that limits the output to 450 Mhz. For the FMCDAQ2 it looks that the AD9523-1 goes up to 1 Ghz clock what would make it reasonable to generate a maximum 500 mhz frequency, but the AD9144 EBZ has the AD9516-1 and this one can achieve faster clock rates, but the transformer is the same.

I have seen this topic: AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ ADC/DAC Clocking but it is not conclusive that the board can really support these rates (Lay Out)

My customer is designing a board to operate with the AD9680-500 and the AD9144. He is desiring to work above the 450 Mhz RF output for the DAC. Lets assume he wants to generate 1.4 ghz RF output and work with full specs on both DAC and ADC. 

1) Which layout would be the best option for having basis on this design?

2) Is there a RF transformer ADI would recommend for this application?

Thank you