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AD9162 start-up sequence


I have 2 questions regarding AD9162 start-up operation.

We have AD9162 in our board connected to FPGA and to Synthesizer.

1. DLL unlocked.

I followed the power-up sequence procedure in the DAC data-sheet (table 43).

I used manual start-up sequence and also ADI application. both with same DLL results. 

I read register 0x92 (DLL_STATUS) and get 0x0. (DLL_FAIL=DLL_LOST=DLL_LOCKED=0).

2. DC test mode.

I activated DC test mode in ADI application. choose frequency and amplitude.

I watch the signal at the output with a spectrum analyzer and see the correct frequency but with a very low

power (-60 dbm).

Please advise.

  • Ilan,

    I believe we are working on this case off the line, but as you brought it up here, it seems either the input clock circuit is not functioning well (power supply, large PN, or less power) or part of the code is missing. We'll keep working on this and will resolve your design issue.