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I will use test mode.

Could you tell me designation method of the user test mode 1-4?

  • Hi UBOTI,

    To place the AD9634 in test mode using the user test patterns you need to write register 0x0D to either 0x08 or 0x88.  When register 0x0D is written to 0x08 the test patterns written to 0x19 through 0x20 will be placed on the ADC digital outputs in a continuous pattern meaning the patterns will cycle through repeatedly.  If 0x0D is written to 0x88 then the user patters in 0x19 through 0x20 will be placed on ADC digital outputs in order only once and when the patterns are cycled through once then afterwards the data goes to all zeros.  Bear in mind that the AD9634 is a 12 bit ADC.  The user pattern registers are each 16 bits.  The 4 LSB of the user patterns will be truncated and only the 12 MSBs will be transmitted on the ADC digital outputs.



  • I should also point out that you need to also write the transfer bit (register 0xFF to value 0x01) so that the writes to these registers will be applied (note the section in the data sheet on page 26 referring to the transfer bit).