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Question about AD9642



I have some questions about AD9642. Please take care of this case.


1): Question about an anti-aliasing filter for 50 ohm differential line.

I'll use AD4930-1 and AD9642, and I'm looking at Figure 47. in AD9642 data sheet.

There is the RC circuit between AD4930-1 and AD9642 and it seems to work as differential signal balance.

Please let me know recommended anti-aliasing filters for this differential line (50 ohm).

 1: AD9642-170, AAF Bandwidth:75MHz  2: AD9642-250, AAF bandwidth: 100MHz


2): There are two 0.1uF caps on the VCM line shown in Figure 47.

The VCM line really needs two caps for ADA4930-1 and AD9642?


3): What capacitance (decoupling cap) do AVDD and DRVDD pins need?