problem to connect the AD9643 and AD9684 to FPGA!

hello guys.

I designed a data acquisition system with AD9643 and AD9684 ADC and ZYNQ-FPGA.

The ZYNQ-FPGA has two type of banks: HP(High Performance : 1.0v to 1.8v) and HR(High Range : 1.0v to 3.3v).

I have forced connect the AD9643 and AD9684 to HP bank, the interface of this ADCs is LVDS, the Vcm of both ADC is roughly 1.2v and FPGA has Vcm=1.2v for LVDS inputs.

I set the HP banks voltage to 1.8v and my question is that this manner is correct or not?

Can i connect the ADC to FPGA banks with 2.5 voltage?

please help me to solve this problem.


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