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double ballon design for the ad9653

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9653

Hi there, I used the double ballon design for the RF infront. By checking the ad9653 schematic, The ETC1-1-13 was used in the board. I found the RF input was connected to the Pin4 of ETC1-1-13. However, the Pin4 of ETC-1-13 was supposed to connect to ground. Is anything wrong in the schematic? or after these years the pins configuration of ETC1-1-13 has been changed. Thanks!

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    Based on latest ETC1-1-13 schematic............the Dual balun schematic pin assignment should be updated as shown below.

    If the application requirement requires bandwidth up to 200 MHz than the ADT1-1WT transformer should be sufficient and provide excellent amplitude and phase balance over this region. 

    One could also consider the TCM2-33WX+  "balun" which also shows excellent amplitude and phase balance over a wider frequency range.

    I doubt the double balun design on the EVB using the ETC1-1-13 would result in any better performance/balance thus using a single transformer or balun would simplify design.



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    One may also want to replace baluns with  more recently released ADC differential drivers considering that a balun or transformer must still be driven by a single-ended amplifier.  The two dual amplifiers below would be strong candidates.

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    Thanks for your interest in AD9653.

    The ETC1-1-13 schematic at AD9653 was based on the previous datasheet version of ETC-1-13 from MACOM.

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    Thanks for your recommendation as well. Really appreciate your help.