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ADS8 faulty USP port?

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We just received our ADS8-V3EBZ with the ADC9083.

When powering up and connecting to USB port. We do not register the device.

All test points (TP19, TP6 and TP14) show 0V.

Is the issue the USB port or the power?


We where able to wiggle the USB port in to place. However now we struggle again, apparently after resetting the MicroZed?



Added a few details.
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  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for your interest in ADS8-V3EBZ.

    Could you please share some details about your FPGA issue. This may be helpful for others to diagnose this issue if it occurs in the future.



  • Hey again  

    We are struggling to connect the USB port to ADS8-V3EBZ board again (FX3). When we connect to the USB it does not appear on the device manager (on the PC). Apparently it stopped working after we hit the Reset button on the MicroZed. On Monday we will reboot the MicroZed from the SD-card (because ACE can't connect, after we changed password, dunno what the original passwordis), however we don't see how this should help us connecting to the FX3 USB.

    Any idea what could be wrong?
    The FX3 are getting power.