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Common-mode voltage of AD9467

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9467BCPZ-250


I had a question regarding the specs of the AD9467. I see that the common-mode voltage of the analog inputs for the AD9467BCPZ-250 is stated below as 2.15V:

However, I notice that this states the "Typical" voltage is 2.15V. It doesn't seem to give a minimum or maximum value for the common-mode voltage. I also noticed that there was no "Vcm" pin to set the common-mode voltage of the inputs like in the AD9265, for example.

For our project, we're looking to feed a differential signal to the ADC that has a common-mode voltage of ~1V, with a differential voltage range of ~.3V. The AD9467 seems like it would work well for us, but we're concerned about the common-mode voltage and whether the ADC would function properly with our input signal.

Please let us know if you require any additional information - thank you!



Added an additional note about lack of Vcm pin
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