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AD9467 spi interface

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9467

Hello, I am using the AD9467 with a custom PCB and I have some questions.

Both the data and spi interface of are connected to FPGA (cyclone V)

The datasheets its says that the address is 13 bits but the address is made up from 3 nibble which is 12 bits so I am not sure what the extra bit is.

I wrote my own VHDL code and I was able to read the values in the addresses but when I tried to write it didn't work.

When I try to write to an address nothing happens and when I read that address I still get the default value.

I checked my code in simulation and signal tap and compare it to the timing diagram in the datasheets, and everything seems like it should work.

Do you have a VHDL/verilog code of the spi interface?