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AD6657 four-channel capture at the same time ?

Category: Software
Product Number: AD6657


I programmed as image. I apply a clock signal of 100 MHz.

(I also upload a VisualAnalog file.)

But It seems that the four-channel receiver (A,B,C,D) is not captured at the same time.

Is it still impossible as posted in 2014?

Or is there any solution for catpuring the four-channel receiver at the same time?

Thanks for your help.

Soosoo Oh

An image is corrected, and a VisualAnalog file is added.
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  • Hi Soonsoo,

    Thanks for your interest in AD6657.

    The Visual Analog software is capable of viewing the four channels at once. Unfortunately, these four channels are still not synchronous or captured at the same. This is due to the limitation of the capture board.

    The samples below shows that the channel A and channel B are not synchronous even though they have the same input from a splitter. Simultaneous capturing of the four channels requires a custom firmware and software.



  • Thanks for your comment. As you pointed out, I might find the custom firmware and software. Thanks again.

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