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Clock generation for AD9680-LF1000EBZ Evaluation board and Third part FPGA development board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9680-LF1000EBZ

We are planning to purchase an AD9680-LF1000EBZ evaluation board which is to be interfaced with our third-party FPGA development board. My question is: whether the onboard clock generator of the AD9680-LF1000EBZ evaluation board is sufficient for all the required clock signals (Like sample and reference clock for ADC and clocks for FPGA) to carry out DSP with JESD204B interface using the above boards. Or is an additional clock evaluation board needed? If yes then, please suggest a suitable and economical model of it. I explored the ADI website and found the following clock evaluation boards but not sure which one is the most suitable one. These boards are AD9525, AD 9528, AD9526-0, and HMC 7044. Please help. Thanks.