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FPGA reference code for AD9213-10GEBZ-B and the ADS8-V1EBZ

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9213, AD9213-10GEBZ-B, ADS8-V1EBZ

I have purchased the AD9213 development kit, the AD9213-10GEBZ-B and the ADS8-V1EBZ. Is it possible to share the FPGA reference code for this design. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi JSA,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9681. The FPGA on HSC-ADC-EVALEZ gets programmed by VisualAnalog software. You do not need to program the FPGA outside of VisualAnalog. Are you having problems programming the FPGA?

    I'll still request the sample FPGA code be sent to you.