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ZCU102 and FMCDAQ3 ad9680_xcvr: adxcvr_drp_wait_idle: Timeout!xilinx_xcvr_drp_read: Failed to read reg 256-0x28: -1

Product Number: AD9680

I am using ZCU102 and FMCDAQ3, the ADC driver has the following error: "ad9680_xcvr: adxcvr_drp_wait_idle: Timeout!xilinx_xcvr_drp_read: Failed to read reg 256-0x28. -1"
But when I switch to another ZCU102, I don't have that error again. Therefore, I suspect that there is a hardware problem with the previous ZCU102. However, programs that do not involve the ADC (FMC port) can be run normally.

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We hope to provide you the solution to your problem, but we are not an expert in the FPGA domain. Have you tried asking this question in FPGA Reference Designs community?

  • Thanks! Because I am using the official driver file provided and had no problem using it before. But I don't understand if this error is an indication that there is something wrong with my hardware somewhere. Maybe someone who knows this ADC will understand the problem better. Of course, thank you for your suggestion and I will go back to the FPGA related community to ask about it. Again, my sincere thanks.