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Issue with SPI controller / AD9680, "Update DUT from Controller" doesn't work

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9680 / ADS7
Software Version: SPI Controller

I did followings

- Program FPGA on ADS7 board using Visual Analog

- Launched SPI Controller, Open "AD9680_14bit_1GSspiR2Si.cfg", modified some settings in the GUI  (for example set 0x01 to the register 0x570, where the power up default value is 0x88)

- I reset the chip by write "0x81" to the register "0x00". Then the value of the register will become 0x570 0x88.

- When I click "Update DUT from Controller", I expect that the settings I see in the GUI (0x01) is written to the hardware, but nothing happens when I clicked it. If I click the button "Update controller from DUT" then I see the value in the chip (0x88) shows up in the GUI.

Asynchronous write works fine, meaning that whatever I change in the GUI is written to the chip immediately.

But if I read cal file that contains some settings, I don't see a way of updating the chip with the settings in the cal file.

Could you advise what to do here to make it work?