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Issue with SPI controller / AD9680, "Update DUT from Controller" doesn't work

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9680 / ADS7
Software Version: SPI Controller

I did followings

- Program FPGA on ADS7 board using Visual Analog

- Launched SPI Controller, Open "AD9680_14bit_1GSspiR2Si.cfg", modified some settings in the GUI  (for example set 0x01 to the register 0x570, where the power up default value is 0x88)

- I reset the chip by write "0x81" to the register "0x00". Then the value of the register will become 0x570 0x88.

- When I click "Update DUT from Controller", I expect that the settings I see in the GUI (0x01) is written to the hardware, but nothing happens when I clicked it. If I click the button "Update controller from DUT" then I see the value in the chip (0x88) shows up in the GUI.

Asynchronous write works fine, meaning that whatever I change in the GUI is written to the chip immediately.

But if I read cal file that contains some settings, I don't see a way of updating the chip with the settings in the cal file.

Could you advise what to do here to make it work?


  • Hi yhkim,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9680.

    Configuring registers first then issuing self-clearing reset will return the configured registers to its default value.

    After you are launching the SPIController then opening the cfg file, issue the reset first on register 0x000 to the value of 0x81 before setting the register 0x570 (JESD204B Quick Configuration). 



  • Hi Xavier,

    I understand it as described in the user guide and use it to reset the chip to the default valuies. The question is why nothing happens when I clicked "Update DUT from Controller" when actual register values and values on the GUI are different.



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