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AD9208 acquisition noise has a high noise floor

Category: Hardware

HardWare:Design with reference to official schematic diagram.

SoftWare:FPGA based on Xilinx:V7

Sample Rate:2.4G

JESD204B Link Completed OK;

JESD204B constant :F=1,M=1,L=8,N=14,N’=16,K=32;

We didn't supply the any signal to Board, and collected the noise directly. The tool we used was HIGH SPEED DATA CONVETER Pro,but  the Noise Level was around -60 showed by tool, which should be around -80 normally(follows  picture).

We have tried to configure various registers on FPGA and The principle design of hardware is checked.There is no improvement in the result.So I hope your engineer can give me five to solve this question.

could you give us some suggestion to debug this board .