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Regarding the AD9653 front end given in the reference schematic of AD9653 evaluation board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9653

Hello support team,

I have gone through the reference schematic of the AD9653 evaluation board. In that, I have an query related to AD9653 front end circuit.

As per ETC1-1-13 datasheet, pin 5 is the secondary dot port and pin 1 is primary dot port. but in schematic, pin 5 is mentioned as primary port and pin 1 as secondary port. Also, input_A+ connection is interfaced with only ADT1-1WT+ but it is mentioned as DNI. request you to please provide guidance on front end circuit which will be there in the evaluation board?

  • Hi Maitry,

    Please expect ETC1-1-13 on the board.

    For the symbol on the schematic,

    This board was developed some years ago and the datasheet for the ETC1-1-13 has undergone revisions on their side. Rest assured, the footprint on the board is still applicable. Latest revision is REV12

    I'm not sure what revision was used for the eval board but here is a sample of older revision. Rev 5

    Hope this answers your question.

    Best regards,