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AD9689 Continuity issues

Product Number: AD9689

I set AD9689 to 2.7Gsps. In full bandwidth mode, 204B parameter configuration is consistent with datasheet. The sync signal works normally and has not been pulled down. When collecting a 10M signal, does the ADC data occasionally have a jump value in the waveform in the time domain? This jump value may be larger or smaller than the previous value, and then it will return to normal. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

204B parameter configuration is as follows ,The problem graph is as follows

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  • Hi Luoye,

    It seems to be the conversion errors related. Just like many other semiconductor components, ADC do not always perform perfectly, these are conversion errors within the ADC. Could you confirm the rate of the errors happened?
    Please try to slow down the sample rate and see if there's any improvement?