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AD9689: Can I use GPIO_A1 and GPIO_B1 pins for outputs?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9689


I have a question from our customer about the function of GPIO_x1 of AD9689.
He is going to assign MNTO output to GPIO_A1 pin but can not get MNTO signal.
I found the same question on but this thread was not answered.

I am paying attention table-3 and table-8, figure-77

1. In table-3, GPIO_A1 and GPIO_B1 have LOGIC INPUTS specifications but do not have specifications of LOGIC OUTPUTS.

2. In table-8, GPIO_A1 and GPIO_B1 are described as input/output functions.

3. In figure-77, GOIP_A1 and GPIO_B1 are drawn as input function.

I think table-3 and figure-77 are indicated GPIO_A1 and GPIO_B1 have only input functions.

Do GPIO_A1 and GPIO_B1 have output functions?

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corrected the writing error.
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