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VisualAnalog Capture Board Problem

Category: Software

Hello. I have an SDP-H1 board and an AD9467-FMC board.
I'm working on the tutorial as it says on

and there's one problem.

When I click the Capture Board tab in the Visual Analog program, the FPGA tab is not activated as shown in the attached picture.
For this reason, the bin file could not be loaded.
Please tell me the solution.
Thank you.

(For your information, I have installed all related drivers, and I confirmed that 'ADI Development Tools - Analog Devices SDP-H1' is coming out normally in Device Manager.)

  • Hi skkim02,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9467.

    Make sure to power the SDP-H1 with AD9467-FMC board in it. The red light in ADC Data Capture block will turn green if it powers on and the SDP-H1 will be recognized in the General section in ADC Data Capture Settings.