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AD6676 - SNR & Dynamic Range

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD6676

Hi there,

I'm using AD6676 in our design. I'm just wondering what is the SNR specifications of AD6676 because its nowhere mentioned in datasheet .

Also, it is mentioned that high instantaneous dynamic range what is the actual dynamic where SNR can be better.

  • Hello,

    Since the AD6676 is considered an IF receiver............most of the specifications in the AC spec table are listed in terms of RF performance  (i.e. NF,  IIP3, IIP2, PIN_0dBFS-dBm).

    Since the AD6676 is highly flexible in terms of configuring the IF, BW, and ADC clock rate, and decimation factor.  the datasheet includes typical performance for different conditions. 
    In the typical peformance section of datasheet.   In these plots...........they provide IBN-dBFS performance plots with IBN being the "integrated" noise spectral density over a specified bandwidth.  This would be similar to a standard ADC that specifies its SNR-dBFS in a specified bandwidth that is less than the ADC's nyquist frequency (i.e. FADC/2).   The dynamic range is considered to be     =(PIN0dBFS-2)-IBN where the 2 dB accounts for fact that -2 dBFS is this the highest level releative to PIN0dBFS where the ADC remains stable (i.e. not overloaded).


  • Hi,   

    We are getting ENOB around  8 to 9, which is affecting SNR.

    What we can do to improve ENOB?

  • Hi ,

    Can you tell me dynamic range if I configure Pin_0dBFS as -2.7 dBm.