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AD9680 PN Sequence Issues

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9680


I have the AD9680 setup in the following configuration: 

I am able to run and successfully verify all the ADC Test Patterns, except the PN23 and PN9 test modes from the ADC. I am even noticing correct JESD Interface PN23 and PN9 sequences at my ILA in the FPGA, but for some reason I am not seeing the expected sequences for the ADC PN test modes. I think I am not understanding something correctly...

Here is a snapshot of the ILA, where I am only looking at Converter 0 (m0) samples:

I triggered on 0x125B in the above image for PN9, but then I don't see the next value of 0x3C9A anywhere close. is the PN sequence being copied and sent out on each Lane and sample like below:

Or Should I expect it to be sequential like this:

Or something else? I am confused though, because I am able to trigger on other sequence values, but they don't look close to one another...