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What are these "test probes"?

Product Number: AD9695

Does anybody know what the component number of these TP406, TP407, TP408 and TP409 are? I want to use these for my PCB but there's no information in the BOM for them.

  • Hi enginoob,

    These TP are only exposed pads on the boards. This is because it is only used as probe point for measuring the voltage levels. These voltage rails have no need to be provided externally and is fixed, that's why the probe point for this only occupies as minimal board space as possible. The pads and holes are big enough so that the needle tip of your DMM can fit.

    In your case, what do you intend to use this for?

    Best regards,

  • I was also going to use these for probing/testing purposes. However I couldn't find anything to replace these parts. Would you have any suggestions?

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