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AD9680 Test Mode Errors

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9680


When I put the AD9680 in its test modes, i am seeing occasional bursts of data errors before it returns back to the correct value. One of the simplest tests is the Midscale Short, but I also have errors with the other test modes

To put it into test mode I do the following:

1. Write 0x01 to 0x550 

2. Write 0x5 to 0x327

Then I have a logic block verifying the values against its own. The block shows failures, and when I view the data with an ILA, I see little bursts of incorrect data even though the adc data valid is asserted. I also store and plot the data in Matlab and see the same thing.


1.) Do I need to do any other test mode configuration via register writes?

2.) Could this point to clocking issues?