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1/f noise corner frequency

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9689


Could you please tell me what is the 1/f noise corner frequency of the ADC ? I couldn't find it in the data sheet.



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  • Hi Xavier,

    We don't do any fft on the noise.

    We record (524288 samples @ 2GS/s = 262us)  We observe a noise ratio (pkpk to rms of 10) instead of 6. 

    The front-end we use is a SiGe fully diff amp exhibiting very low 1/f noise corner.

    Thank you and regards.


  • Hi Nicolas,

    Oh I see. I am now getting picture of where the 1/f noise came.

    Can your share your noise measurement and also the fully diff-amp + AD9689 schematic? What is the device name of the fully diff-amp?

    Thank you and regards,


  • Hi Xavier,

    Sorry but I cannot share the schematic on this site.

    The fully diff amp is a full custom design.

    My question is very simple. What is the 1/f corner frequency of the AD9689 input referred noise? Just consider the AD9689 on its own with 100 Ohm diff connected between IN+ and IN-.

    Thanks and regards.


  • Hi Nicolas,

    1/f noise has normal distribution too, so what you have found is not an indicator of the presence of 1/f noise.

    I think the problem can be with the interpretation of the peak-to-peak value, although I do not know how you have determined it.

    6 RMS means that on average 99,73% of the samples fall in this range. Taking your case, you have 524288 samples, so you can easily have more than 1400 samples outside the 6 RMS range and therefore have larger peak-to-peak value. Using a normal distribution calculator I’ve found, that at 9.5 RMS you can still have typically 1 sample out of this range (due to statistics it can be more or less of course). This seems to fit your observation quite well.

    I agree with   that if you are interested in the frequency dependence of the noise, you should use spectral analysis (FFT) and the analog front end can affect the results.

    I hope I could help.


  • Hi Zoltan and Xavier,

    Thank you for your relevant input.

    I should have done the calculation, sorry it is my fault.

    It's true that with such a large record, it's easy to fall out of the +/- 3 sugna.

    Thanks a lot and regards,