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How to check the SNR of a modulated signal in VisualAnalog?

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Product Number: AD9652-310


I want to check the SNR through VisualAnalog by applying a modulated signal to the AD9652 EVAL. 

As shown below, I tried to check the SNR by applying a modulated signal with 20MHz Bandwidth, and it showed approximately -13.8 dB.

I think this is the calculated value with the settings for the CW signal. So I guess that's not an exact value.

I wonder if I can change the number of Bins of "Fund" in "FFT Analysis Settings" to accurately measure the SNR for the modulated signal.

If so, how can I calculate the number of those bins? Or is there any other way I can get the SNR for the modulated signal via VisualAnalog?


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If you open up the FFT Analysis Settings the User-Defined tab so that you can create a template similar to what is shown below which measures the left and right ADJ Channel…