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The AD9650 chip will jump when collecting the sinusoidal waveform

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9650

I made the configuration according to Figure 79 in the AD9650 manual. The figure shows the dual channel of AD9650 when I used the signal source to output signal amplitude 1VPP, 0.9V offset and frequency 100khz under 70Mhz sampling clock (the signal of sampling clock is directly output by the clock pin of FPGA). For the waveform collected by FPGA (FPGA model: FPGA-XC7A100T-2FGG484I), there always seem to be some jumps at a few fixed points of the waveform, leading to instability of the sampled waveform. These jumps seem to be independent of the relative amplitude, frequency, and bias of the input signal (while changing the signal source and testing other input signals), and this phenomenon still occurs. May I ask if there is something wrong with my software configuration or the hardware circuit?

  • Hi Lexu,

    Were you able to check if this is also present when there is no sine wave input?

    I'm assuming you are using your own design and based from your waveform. The timing is consistent for both waveforms in this particular setting you shared.

    You can investigate the clock generation circuit or the switching regulators to see if any of the working frequencies relates to this. It is possible that one of these are affecting your inputs.

    Let me know your findings after your investigation.

    Best regards,

  • Hello, Peevee. I'm sorry for replying you so late due to my Internet problems. I tried in the case of no input waveform is only the normal after a few bits of jump, DC signal input did not like sine signal input waveform jump, and the case of triangle wave and sine wave is the same. The clock circuit may affect my circuit, and I also suspect that there is a problem with my software configuration. I did not find the FPGA code related to my AD9650 in the FTP, so I want to apply for a copy of the FPGA code related to AD9650 for learning. Could you please send me a copy? My email is and my name is Xu He. Thank you for your reply and help.

  • Hi Lexu,

    Our team sent you the code.

    Let us know your findings related to your configuration in case you need support.

    Best regards,

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