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ADA4950 single-ended input with DC-offset to differential output AD9094

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADA4950

Dear support,

I have some difficulties understanding the implementation of the ADA4950 in a single-ended to differential setup when the single-ended input has a DC-offset. 

I have a single ended input signal (relatively low frequency) which can be anything between 0 and 1.8V. This needs to be converted to a differential signal to be connected to the AD9094. 

I need a gain of 1...this is the circuit which I thought would work (see screenshot) but after some reading online I am a bit doubtful as people mention that a DC-offset on the input could cause issues on the output common mode voltage(?).

The VOCM pins are connected to the common mode output pin of the AD9094 ADC. Would this circuit convert the 0 to 1.8V single-ended input to a 1.8V differential peak-peak output voltage with a common mode voltage which is setup by the ADC? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

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