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Fixed point Data Frame format for AD9208

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9208

The datasheet of AD9208 tells about the data format that is to be sampled and sent out of the device(reg 0x0561), however I have a doubt regarding the format in which the 14 bits are represented.

For a signed fixed point representation,we do generally have a sign bit along with integer and fractional part.So I wanted to check that how the 14 bits of ADC will be placed.

Basically I want to interface a 16-bit DAC(AD9174) to AD9208(14-Bit) so during loop back from Tx to Rx data path,I wanted to know how the data bits will be packetized/depacketized, so that I wont miss any data or the signed bit(due to any kind of shifting from LSB to MSB or vice versa).

The same query goes for AD9174 chip as well.

Any relevant info about the same would be of great help.