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AD9695 Datasheet test setup

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9695-1300EBZ
Software Version: ACE


I am capturing data from an AD9695-1300EBZ onto an ADS8-V1 data capture board. I am running the ADC in full-bandwidth mode.

I am using HP ESG-4000A signal generator to generate:

1. An analog input signal of 500MHz and amplitude of 10dBm

2. A reference clock of 325MHz and amplitude of 10dBm, fed into the ADS8-V1

3. A sampling clock of 1.3GHz and amplitude of 10dBm.

The results of my FFT are:

Noise/Hz: -145 dBFS/Hz

SNR: 51.096 dB

SNR FS: 57.274 dB

SFDR: 41.25 dB

THD: -45.63 dBFS

SINAD: 39.166 dB

My questions are: 

1. According to the datasheet, I should be getting a SINAD of around 67.5 dB or 10.5 bits of ENOB. Is the downgrade in performance due to my clock sources?

2. I notice the application note AN-835 talks about using the AD9516-0, but that was for the HSC-ADC-EVALC setup. Were the AD9695 performance tests in the datasheet performed similarly? What was the exact clocking setup for the AD9695 to get the performance seen in the datasheet?

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