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ACE Software JESD204B Customization

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Product Number: AD9695-1300EBZ, ADS8V1
Software Version: ACE


I am using the ADS8V1 data capture board to capture data from an AD9695-1300 ADC eval board.

I am ultimately looking to build a PCB board that sends data from multiple AD9695 chips through an FMC connector to the ADS8V1. My question here is, is it possible to choose which pins on the FMC connector that feeds into the ADS8V1 receive data by using the ACE software? If I could do that, I could determine which pins would take data from other AD9695 chips.

I realize the ADS8V1 was built to work with specified Analog Devices ADC eval boards. How is this specification achieved? Is it because the pins on the FPGA side of the JESD204B are specified differently for each ADC eval board? Or is the FPGA reprogrammed for each ADC? Are these "settings" that designate the ADS8V1 to work with specific ADC boards described in a txt file somewhere? I was wondering if it would be possible to use the ADS8V1 and ACE software to evaluate a Texas Instrument ADC by changing the settings.

Is it required to use an HSC-ADC-EVALA,HSC-ADC-EVALB, or HSC-ADC-EVALC to use the VisualAnalog Evaluation tool? I was wondering if it was possible to use it with the ADS8V1.


Thank you!

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