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AD9083 : Digital signal decay when the input analog 'sine wave' frequency is higher than 60 MHz

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9083


I'm doing the dynamic performance(SNR, ENOB etc.) test of AD9083.

The digital signal is normal and the performance is good when the input siganl frequency <60 MHz.

but when the frequency of input signal >60MHz, the decay appears:

what's more, when the input frequency >70MHz, the digitized signal(like white noise) disappears.

I feel there must be some parameters wrong in my configuration, such as 'frequency input bandwidth'.

My configuration:

L = 4,

M = 16,

F = 8,

K = 32,

NP = 16,

N = 16,

S = 1,

CIC bypass, 

J dec = 16,

sample rate = 2GSPS,

finmax = 100 MHz,

LPF = 0~800 MHz

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