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AFE for 250MHz 2.5Vpp Signal for ADS9684

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Preface :

My application requires the single input signal from a optical sensor which is in range of 2.5Vpp to be driven to an ADC through a FDA

The signals are in range of DC-250MHz

I have selected the ADC as AD9684( Only available ADC with Input range of 2.06Vpp Maximum) at 500MSPS

I wish to use the ADC for Both AC and DC coupling so i have to give the option as per requriement.

below is my signal nature 

Q Channle is 2580mVpp and I channel is 2100mVpp

i need to condition this signal to take it to a ADC and make full use of resolution of ADC

1. Do i really require an FDA for the ADC Selected ?

2. If So, Kindly suggest a FDA for driving the ADC and AFE scheme for the input as above

3. The ADC input has range of FSR up to 2.06 but i am confused how my signal will be read by ADC when Vref is set to 1V

above 1V the ADC is saturated but the ADC says 2.06Vas FSR, kindly let me know how to understand this also

4. should i need to shift the DC of signals to make them fall in exact range of ADC FSR ?

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