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Information on clock and models for AD9680, and AD9234

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9680, AD9234

Hello ADI Engineer Zone,

I was looking for the following information/clarifications

I am interested in the products EVAL-AD9680 in order to evaluate the AD9680 and AD9234 products.

Q1) What exactly is the different between AD9680-1000EBZ v/s AD9680-500EBZ (or similarly the analogous AD9234-1000EBZ v/s AD9234-500EBZ)

Q2) We would prefer clocking the EVAL board with a 500 MHz clean clock source at the sampling clock input. However it seems that the EVAL board requires a 1 GHz clock - is this a hardware restriction. If the ADCs operate at 500 MSPS doesn't this imply that a 500 MHz clock input would also work at the sampling clock input? 


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