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AD9213 test mode issues

Hi experts, 

I have a EVAL-9213 board to do some test. Some test modes in 9213 were not worked very well.

For exmple, i want send user data from register 0x558 to 0x55f, but 9213 can't work.

Some registers configurations were as below:

0x0000 --> 0x81 // soft reset

0x504 --> 0x94 // force ILAS/user data, 8b/10b bypass

0x505 --> 0x1E // 10b data at 8b/10b output, continuous/repeat user test

0x558 to 0x55F --> 0x0F

After these registers enabled, the final datas were not the wanted data.


  • Hi Rashawn,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9213.

    • By writing Register 0x504 = 0x94 I believe you are doing a "force CGS" instead of "force ILAS". Is that what you are intending?
    • By setting Register 0x505 = 0x1E, you are bypassing the 8b/10b encoding (as you have said). How are you capturing and reading the data? Are you using the ADI ADS8v1?
      • When you change contents of Registers 0x558 to 0x55F, do you observe any change in the output data?
    • When you read back the contents of the various registers you have written, are the contents as you expect? Do you read back the same values that you wrote?
    • What is the frequency of your sampling clock?

    Thank you.