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SPI controller chip ID wrong

Hello support team,

  I am working with AD9681 - HSC-EVALEZ. Everything ran normally before sudden stop. And I think the problem is the below image. I check the USB still connected to PC. 

Please kindly help me.

Thank you,



  • I apologize for constantly repeating. I think my post was moved to behind page. 

    Please help me. I need it to continue my project.

    Thank you very much. 

  • Hi,

    Apologies for the late reply.

    As mentioned, your setup is normally working before this issue occurred. I think there's something in the setup that's causing it that we need to isolate.

    The CHIP ID coming up as AD9246 is the default when SPI controller can't communicate with the eval setup. Do you have another ADC board just to check if the problem was not HSC-EVALEZ?

    I think you have done this but I'll just mention it again. Please ensure that you have admin access permissions when installing and running the tools the VisualAnalog and SPI_Controller Eval Software tools. Installation of the USB driver can be confirmed within the Windows Device Mgr interface.

    There are jumpers on the ADC evaluation boards which connect the SPI signals to the DUT. Can you double check that these and all jumpers are in the correct position?

    Lastly, ensure the provided power adaptors for both the evb and EVALEZ are properly connected to the respective hardware boards. Instructions in evaluating AD9681 can be found in wikipage EVALUATING THE AD9681 ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER [Analog Devices Wiki].

    Hope one of these suggestions might solve your problem.



  • Thank you very much for your time.

    I checked with all your suggestions. I find the solutions on here but not thing match my problem (maybe I was wrong)

    1. I check with AD9637 + EVALCZ, It still works perfectly.

    2. I mean AD9681 not working is : AD9681 not works at visual analog (only the red X). In my opinion, maybe because of chip ID problem.

    3. I checked the jumpers. It seems OK. But I am not sure, so I would like to supply some images. 

    I checked the power supply for both board. What I saw is 6.15V for AD9681 and 12.15V for EVALEZ. 

    Additional information, I am working with window 10. I think it not a problem 


  • Hi Hoang,

    Sorry to hear that your issue was still not resolved. You mentioned that it initially worked properly then suddenly stop, can you share the last steps performed prior to the failure? 

    When you open the VA Canvas, does it detect a device? A sample snapshot shown in Figure below.

    When you click the USB icon of the ADC Data capture did it proceed to ADC Data Capture Settings? Can you share the error if there's any?

    I also would like to isolate if there's a problem with your ADC board or EVALEZ. Do you have other ADC boards or EVALEZ to try? Might not be another AD9681 board but other generics that is using EVALEZ as controller board.



  • I only have one AD9681 board for working with that fmc evalez. 


  • Dear Meriam,

    I could confirm that the detect device sample shot in VA was not appeared.

    When I click USB icon in ADC data capture board component, not thing happen.

    As I mean before. I have AD9681 + EVALEZ fmc and AD9637 + EVALCZ tyco. I don't have another ADC board to test my EVALEZ.  


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