AD9208-DUAL-3000EBZ configuration with ACE


I'm trying to configure AD9208-DUAL-3000EBZ with ACE (ref : ACE 1.23.3085.1388_offline).

The ADC is connected to ADS8 board.

For information, there were not any problem to configure both AD9689-2600EBZ we get.

When ACE is launched, AD9208-3000EBZ appears in the list of plugins.

When ADS8 is switched on, AD9208 icon appears in the start panel, but "AD9208" is written in italic (not bold as for the other ADC tested previously).

After having double-clicked on AD208 icon, a popup window mentions "ACE - Plug-in Not Installed. One or more of the systems selected has no matching plug-in installed. Do you want to launch the Plug-in Manager to search online?". 

We can't, because the computer is not connected to internet (that is the reason why we install offline version). Nevertheless, AD9208-3000EBZ seems to be the latest version of plug-in available on AD website.

We try to fully uninstall ACE and associated software / drivers, and then to reinstall it (without any problem), but issue is still there.

Do you have any idea to solve our problem?

Thanks for advance.



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