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About the external trigger of AD9230


I'm using the HSC-ADC -EVAL CZ with AD9230.

In order to enable the external trigger in these, I proceeded by looking at the attached file below, but is there a file corresponding to AD9230 such as ad9649_fifo5.bin in step 6, for example ad9230_fifo5.bin?


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  • HI,

    Looking at the attached file, I was able to record the data with the external trigger enabled.

    However, if you press [continuous Update] of Visual Analog and execute the canvas continuously, the Excel file is generated even when waiting for the trigger input in the current state.

    I want to be able to save data in response to a trigger and wait without taking data until the next trigger is entered.

    Can this be achieved by changing the Visual Analog or SPI controller settings?

    If you need to change the FPGA program, please tell us about the development environment such as the development method.



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