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AD9213 Evaluation

Hi there,
We have purchased the AD9213-10GEBZ evaluation board and ADS8-V1EBZ for ADC Characterization.
I have set up with me and was trying to use ACE Software as mentioned ->
But we are interested in capturing ADC samples and then demodulate and process them using our own software to find out MER etc.
1. Is there any option that this software can provide us raw ADC samples written to some file for further processing? Or is there some other way to capture ADC samples?
2. Can we program this FPGA with our own bit file?
  • Hi Swati,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9213.

    1. In the ACE Analysis page where you can see the graphs of samples and FFT, there is a "Results" column which has an "Export" button. After you have captured data the "Export" button will be available. Click on the "Export" button and you will be able to save the captured data to a location of your choice. After the export is complete, you can navigate to the location you chose, and access the saved files. There will be a file with the suffix ". . . RawSamples.csv" . This will have the time domain samples in decimal. Please let us know if you have any trouble using this function.
    2. I'll ask one of my colleagues about programming the FPGA with your bit file.

    Thank you.


  • Thanks, one more question. In ACE software is their some way to automate the process of capturing samples. Do we have any API's for ACE. I want to have some script running on machine and tell the ACE to capture samples after some amount of time.

  • Hi Swati,

    I'm sorry about the slow response.

    Unfortunately we do not have APIs for AD9213.

    I'm still finding out about programming the FPGA.