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LTC2323-16 Temperature dependent spikes in the output signal at negative half wave)


the LTC2323H is used in our design which has an operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C.

The problem with our design is that "spikes" show up as soon as a temperature of ~65°C is increased (inside a thermal chamber).

The spikes that show up look like this and are only at the negative half wave visible. It is confirmed that we use the right type of device (up to 125°C) and the problem shows up consistent at several prototypes as soon as 65°C are reached.

At the investigations all inputs of the ADC were checked and the signals are all valid but after the ADC we get those errors so the error should come from the ADC.

The supply voltage of the ADC was checked and is ok.

My question is now if anyone of you has an idea what could be the cause for this error, especially because only one half wave is disturbed and the thermal dependency of it showing up.

The attachment contains the datasheet of the device.

Thanks for your help!