Ask questions about HMCAD1511 and AD9094


1. When HMCAD1511 used as single channel mode, its maximum sample rate can be up to 1Gsps. If paralleling two HMCAD1511 together, is it possible to achieve 2Gsps? If possible, would you please promote a reference circuit?

2. For AD9094, there are some questions to ask.

a. is the sample rate for every channel 1Gsps?

b. If the answer of question a is yes, paralleling two channels together, such as channel A and channel B, or channel C and Channel D, can the sample rate be up to 2Gsps?

c. Can two or more AD9094 be paralleled to use together?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 27, 2021 12:31 AM

    Hi jerrytang,

    In theory, you can do them both if you time-interleave the input signals to the ADC inputs of the HMCAD1511 and AD9094. 

    However, we have no internal characterization or use-case history for time interleaving the HMCAD1511 nor the AD9094. In cases like this we defer fitness for use to the discretion of the customer. 

    For example in 1Gsps single-channel mode, each HMCAD1511 device is already interleaving 8 internal ADC branches which results in inherent interleaving spurs that must be compensated for externally through post-processing in an FPGA. This spurious characteristic would further limit the overall performance when attempting to interleave multiple HMCAD1511 devices.