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AD9683 dev board (with FMC connector) design files


I hope that everyone is doing great.

I am writing to ask where I can find design files (schematic, layout, BOM) of the AD9683 dev-board with FMC connector.

Here ( I can see that there is a dev-board available with the FMC connector. However, looking at the schematic here ( I see that it has the TYCO Z-PACK backplane connector.

Could you please point me to a location where I can access the required files? I would like to interface the AD9683 dev-board with FMC connector to a Xilinx FPGA dev board with the PCIe interface.

Many thanks in advance for any feedback.

Best regards,


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  • Hello Meriam, thank you very much for the reply. 

    When I do what you have said, I see that those boards available from vendors (Mouser and Digikey) shown as boards with Tyco connectors and not FMC connectors. 

    And there is one more problem added to this: The interposer board, which is for matching between Tyco connectors and FMC connector,  is also not available anywhere.

    I am having a hard time to overcome this combined issue to be able to evaluate AD9683-250 ADC. 

    Best Regards,