DC2159a FMC voltage


I specifically need anyone who is experienced with the DC2159a board. The manual is too short to me to know how to use it on an FPGA and I do not know how to read the schematic.

  • Can the FMC signals on J1G and J1H be at 1.8V?
  • If I want to use the FT2232H for DPTI/DSPI, similar to the usage on Genesys2 FT2232 (section 10), how would I set the FMC pins? I think I need LA02,04,07,11_P/_N pins. Is that right?


I have a VC707 FPGA board that can only supply 1.8V FMC. Can DC2159a be connected to VC707?

More specific on my question
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