Can't get data from ADC (AD9234-500EBZ + ADS7-V2EBZ)

Good day.

We have received the AD9234-500EBZ + ADS7-V2EBZ Evaluation Kit, but we cannot get the data with it. When setting up, we used the instruction "EVALUATING THE AD9680 / AD9690 / AD9234 ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER" with the following changes.

In the Visual Analog Setup:
6. Appropriate sample rate (set to 500 MHz)

In the SPIController Setup:
4. The JESD204B quick configuration and Lane Rate registers (set to Low Lane Rate)

All other parameters were left unchanged.

When trying to get data after this setting, we get an error message "time out while attempting to fill Fifo".

What can be our mistakes? (what additional information might you need to help us?)

Regards, Edward

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