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AD9645 : usage of S-Parameter file


I have a question about "S-Parameter" file which is linked from AD9645 product page.

This file is not a S-Parameter but a calculation tool to see input impedance.
I'd like to confirm how to use this.
In the AD9645_AINDIFFZ" tab , "R-Math" cell and "jX-Math" cell will be set and then it calculate series resistance and series capacitance, I understood it. (Simaltanously parallel resistance and parallel capacitance are calculated)

Q1. I think the  "R-Math" and "jX-Math" are external parts for AD9645 input terminal. Is it correct my understanding ?

Q2. AD9645 has a differential Input, so the series resistance are two like as "R" in figure 11 of the datasheet(Ref.C). The "R-Math" shoul be input the double value of "R" ?

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