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Clarification on AD - 9683


I have a few clarifications regarding the specification and the adaptability of the device AD-6983. We have a Xilinx FPGA, ZC706 and we have an RF signal of 60 MHz bandwidth which we need to digitize. We have seen ad9683-250 EBZ ( on the Analog Devices website and it is specified that it works with our FPGA. However, we are unsure as it says it may require an ADC FMC Interposer but on other parts of the page, it says that it comes with two connectors, FMC or TYCO. We require the FMC connector. Can you help us find a suitable ADC or advise us? 

And also does AD9467 FMC supports ZC706 ??

Thanks in advance

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Only the EVB with FMC connector is available.  Note, should the AD9863 EVB  not available at this time...........the AD9467 is also an option.

  • here is the information on the AD9683 :

    you can look at the AD9467-FMC-250EBZ schematic to ascertain if it can work with ZC706